Our Fees


We offer a comprehensive range of services that caters to every stage of business growth.  Our services cover the below listed areas.

Accounting services
S$100 to S$300 per month (low volume transactions)
S$300 to S$500 per month (medium volume transactions)
S$500 to S$1,200 per month (high volume transactions)
S$1,200 onwards for accounting service on yearly basis
S$300 per quarter onwards preparation of GST schedules and submission
Compilation of financial report
S$400 to S$600 compilation of financial report for company with small and simple structure
S$600 to S$800 compilation of financial report for company with medium to complicated structure

Auditing services
S$2,000 to S$4,000 statutory audit of dormant / small company
S$5,000 to S$10,000 statutory audit of medium sized company
S$10,000 to S$20,000 statutory audit of large sized company
S$20,000 onwards statutory audit of company with subsidiaries and consolidated financial statements
S$450 onwards special purpose audit (lucky draw audit, sales audit, solicitor accounts audit, fruit machine audit etc)

Income tax services
S$400 to S$800 tax computation and filing for company with simple operation
S$800 to S$2,500 tax computation and filing for company with complex operations
S$400 onwards preparation and filing of personal income tax

Singapore incorporation services
S$180 for local individual investor who form a company (excludes SS$315 registration fees payable to ACRA)
S$300 for foreign entrepreneurs or company with corporate shareholders (excludes SS$315 registration fees payable to ACRA)

Company secretarial services
S$ 360 onwards fee will vary based on shareholding structure and corporate secretariat activities

Other services
S$2,400 per annum Nominee director fee (excludes refundable deposit of S$2,400)
S$240 per annum Use of registered address (including mail forwarding service)
S$350 onwards GST application

Employment Pass / EntrePass / Visa
S$500 onwards for long-term visit pass, dependent pass and professional pass
S$1,000 onwards for Employment Pass, EntrePass application
S$1,000 onwards for writing of business plan for EntrePass application

We provide general guidelines of our professional fees for reference. They may vary on a case by case basis.

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