Auditing & Assurance


We offer independent, factual and high quality services that are assured to our customers and reliable. We assure our customers that we are honest with our prices and that there are no hidden costs. We believe in offering only the best service to our customers at reasonable prices.

Our affiliated audit firm, Edwin Lim & Co, is committed to delivering an independent, efficient, effective and comprehensive audit. We provide quality assurance services to help ensure that our clients’ financial statements meet the regulatory and business requirements as well as to lend credibility to the company’s financial statement.

Our auditors are competently trained to handle any accounting issues that our customers have and will seek the best solutions for them.

Our audit process begins with a clear and intimate understanding of your business. We take a risk-based approach to our audits. We will first assess the strengths of your internal control environment, measure how well management controls these risks, and determine the quality of financial reporting completed internally and externally. At all times, we are mindful of the auditor’s key role as the guardian of shareholders’ interests.

Besides performing statutory audit, we also provide due diligence and other attestation work such as:

Sales Audit / GTO audit

Lucky Draw Audit

Childcare Subsidy Audit

Certification Audit for Claim of Government Grants (e.g. Building and Construction Authority, National Arts Council)

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